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Cheongsam costume color method more commonly used in the same color, analog, with contrasting colors.
1, the same color: out by the same kind of tonal variations, such as dark green and light green, dark red and light red, coffee and beige, etc., more extensive use in the clothing. Soft and elegant color, giving the feeling of mild coordination.
A similar color to match the analog color: refers to the color ring, the general range of 90 degrees or less, such as red and orange or blue and purple cheongsam , the impression is more moderate and uniform. But it is and compared to similar color, but also more varied.
To receive three contrasting colors: the use of clothes brighter, crisp effect, such as yellow and purple, red and green, gives the impression that they are relatively strong, is not appropriate to use. If you need a large area of use, you can use color to be coordinated.
Second, the upside down color matching

1, on the light under deep coat with a bright tone, downloading worn dark colors cheongsam  such as beige assembly to deep coffee trousers overall with filled with a light sense of wearing a suitable face wider.
2, deep under the shallow tops in dark colors, downloading wear light-colored to bright shades of dark green coat, with light orange trousers, energetic, and unconventional.
3, is equipped with a color, download net color with the law, or under equipped with a color coat of pure plain with France. Appropriate to add a variety of clothing with.
4, the coat is the color of the trousers can be a color grid pattern composed of two colors. This is the safest with.
5, the color of the belt and trousers to be close to the best of the same color, you can make the lower body appear slender.

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